The first track

The first track I made was Power Surge. Over the course of the album production this track underwent a tremendous amount of changes in both composition and sound. The first versions still had pretty basic drum sounds and boxy guitar sounds, all of which got massively improved along the way. I also spent many hours refining the refrain and the part leading up to the refrain. It was not until I had developed a decent sound that I actually continued writing the song.

I knew I wanted a freaked-out explosive part in the song, and a very harsh contrast thereafter, so I added a part that had these elements (very fun to make btw.). The following quiet part flowed naturally and made it easy to lead up towards the second refrain. The second part overall was a lot easier to write and quite soon I had the song done compositionally.

"Freaked-out" middle part with internal name "Drop"

Defining the path for this album

The second track Out Of The Penumbra was more defining for the path of this album than the first track was. I not only had to worry about making "some song" that sounded good to my ears, I also had to start thinking about the context the song was in. The song had to be something that was altogether different and yet needed to feel like it was related to Power Surge. The term "macro composition" came to my mind for the first time and it occurred to me that making an album had more layers of complexity than I originally anticipated. The new challenge I faced was to make a song that fit the album, which meant working under constraints for the first time.
As with most of my songs, I had the refrain and most of the parts surrounding it done first. However, in the middle of the song, I had to decide which direction it was gonna take. I decided to put another harsh transition into the song. It took quite a while and a little feedback from early listeners for me to change my mind about this. I made the transition a little less striking and integrated it better with the rest of the song.

I knew the song was going to have a climactic finale and the part that came out of this remained more or less unchanged the entire time. Most problematic was the drumming. I experimented a lot with drum patterns and it took me some time to find a good solution and come up with the final drum track.

"Break" part in Out Of The Penumbra