Track #05 - Power Surge (9:43)

Power Surge

Power Surge is the opening song of a dilogy that tells the story of Lieutenant James Marshall, a distinguished scientist performing maintenance on the propulsion drive of the starship excelsior.
What appears to be a routine task at first turns out to be Marshall’s worst stroke of fate.
The first part of the song is a foreshadowing of the chaos to come; stomping doublebass and shredding guitars pave the way for a twist with a very fragile
appeal. The contrast between the brutal finality of cause and effect and the vulnerability of the soul is captured by this song in musical form.

  • Marshall: Computer: Requesting clearance to perform maintenance on the propulsion drive.
  • Computer: Propulsion drive shutdown required for maintenance. Please authorize shutdown with security code.
  • Marshall: Security code is 87345-69.
  • Computer: Security code accepted. Voice pattern confirmed as Lieutenant James Marshall. Commencing shutdown. [drive powers down] Propulsion drive shutdown complete.
  • Marshall: Commencing maintenance. [walks towards inlet]
    Computer: Unlock antimatter inlet. [inlet is unlocked]
    Now beginning to exchange the old antimatter container with its replacement. [extracts old antimatter container, places it on the floor, walks over to the new container, takes it to the inlet and inserts it] Replacement completed.
    Computer: Relock antimatter inlet. [inlet is sealed. walks to control room]
    Open control room door. [door opens] [walks to the console]
    Recalibrating and reactivating propulsion drive.
    [recalibrates drive via console] [drive powers up with strange sounds]
    This doesn’t sound right. [explosion in the background]
    SHIT! [attempts to readjust drive] Console is not responding [attempts again]
  • Computer: Propulsion drive critical. Initiate emergency manual shutdown procedure.
  • Marshall: [unsuccessfully attempts recalibration, fails and panicks]
    [propulsion drive suffers a power surge and explodes]