Here's the place to find out more about the man behind this project. My name is Benjamin, I'm in my early 30's and I'm a professional Software Engineer. I've been working in the IT for more than 10 years, accompanied by periodically changing hobbies, which are the manifestation of various creative ideas crossing my mind from time to time. I am a passionate hobby photographer, I like technology in general, I enjoy gaming, coding, tinkering, oil painting, drawing, cooking, eating, philosophizing... but that's not all - can you believe I love being in nature as well, preferrably by means of cycling or hiking? :) I certainly haven't gotten round to traveling as much as I would have liked, but I'm planning on doing that more soon.

Since 2014, I've grown a passion for producing music digitally. I do not actually play any instruments professionally, I find more joy in the actual production aspect. Composing music had never really been on my mind until recently, I used to be exclusively on the consumer-side of music. This changed when I found out about the wonderful possibilities of today's audio production software. I felt very motivated to try all these new digital toys and to turn some melodies that had been crossing my mind into something others can experience as well.
I'm really happy I decided to go forward with this. The result of my first major project "Sunset In Our Eyes" is now available.

I hope that'll suffice as a brief introduction :)

More info about my work and my musical background: