Making Of: Sunset In Our Eyes

The making of the debut album was a pretty interesting ride. In fact, it took more than a few turns and quite a bit of dedication to pull through this.
When I first started making music, I was planning on making Dubstep songs. There was a period when I listened to a lot of Dubstep and it seemed only logical to start off with electronic music. It had never occurred to me that one could even make Metal songs with only digital tools. When I found out there were amazing guitar libraries, I didn't hesitate long and decided that I wanted to do a Metal album.
Right at the very start, the learning curve was pretty steep and a full-fledged album seemed far out of reach. Composition, Mixing and Mastering are usually jobs performed by specialists, and for good reason, if matters are to be dealt with in a reasonable timespan. But since I had a lot of time on my hands and I was really eager to get into the topic, I decided to take on all of the jobs at once.
There were times when I thought I had shouldered too much and I might never finish what I started. But a good number of months later and hundreds of hours spent - here we are, the album is done!
If you'd like to find out more about how this album came to be, read on and check the following chapters.

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