Track #06 - The Void (10:13)

The Void

Is there anybody else out there? Anybody?

  • Computer: Warning! Fire on decks 1, 2 and 3 detected. Automatic extinguishers have failed. Fire is out of control. All personnel prepare for evacuation. This is not a drill. Initiating emergency atmospheric ventilation procedure.
    [airlocks open, atmosphere is ventilated into space. Some fires die due to lack of oxygen. Several crew members get sucked out into space]
    Decompression procedure in sections 1 through 20 has been completed. Warning: Life support systems are offline.
  • Marshall: Computer: What is the status of the crew in the vented sections?
  • Computer: No signs of life in these sections.
  • Marshall: NO! [breathes heavily in disbelief] [song continues]
  • Computer: Initiate emergency evacuation. Lifepods are now ready for boarding.
    [explosion with debris flying across the hallway]
  • Marshall: Whow.... this is a fucking deathtrap!
    [song continues]
    [arrives at lifepod before the fire reaches it]
    Damn, that was close!
    Computer: Shut the life pod hatch.
    [life pod hatch closes]
    Release docking clamp and initiate launch sequence.
    [Life pod launches. the Excelsior explodes in a huge fireball shortly after]