The ingredients of Innate Concept

Innate Concept's musical identity is rooted in the Progressive Metal genre - and the word "progression" is to be taken literally. Innate Concept strives to incorporate elements, instruments and ideas normally not found in classic Progressive Metal. The newest album "Sunset In Our Eyes" combines elements from electronica and classical elements into a whole new and unique sound.
A multitude of synthesizers create the atmosphere, color and texture, the mighty Taiko drum ensemble delivers power, groove and impact, while the Armenian Duduk conjures up ethereal melodies, adding yet another layer to the rich-bodied symphonic orchestra. A piano and various acoustic guitars are another integral part of melodic storytelling and quite frequently intertwine with other instruments. All of this takes place planted firmly on the foundation of thundering drums, shredding guitars and a nasty, angry bass.
Innate Concept's music is challenging, demanding, cunning, powerful, intense, yet so delicate and fragile. Be prepared, for it will demand your full attention - and it will surprise you if you dare a listen..