The calm after the storm

With the making of Vaga Vesi the album was starting to feel more and more complete. The songs each didn't feel separate anymore, but they now stood in context with one another. I now had a small repertoire of songs, reducing the degrees of freedom for making new songs. New songs had to fit a certain scheme and serve an increasingly specific purpose.
I knew Vaga Vesi would have to be a rather quiet song, so I desisted from using guitars at all. Instead, the Piano and the Bass play a central role in this song. It was important to me to allow the album to breathe every once in a while, so I tried to give the listener a chance to calm down and relax a little with certain songs. Vaga Vesi is important after a song like Jaganoto in order not to induce too much fatigue. The subsequent song Out Of The Penumbra picks up a faster pace again, which I think is a welcome contrast once more at that point.
The overall goal to have an alternation between tension and relaxation was well on track so far.

Vaga Vesi refrain

The return of the bang

With Remnants Of An Old Life complete and its ending demanding a continuation, I felt it was was the time to make one. Signs Of A New Life was born. I named it to reflect a positive change in my private life which I had long hoped for.

I knew this song would have be very strongly connected to Remnants Of An Old Life, so the instrumentation remained mostly the same and some melodies carried over from its brother song. I wanted to reflect the change by ice cracking (leaving a state of stagnation) and boiling water (waking up from congealment), so I added some ambient elements to the song that conveyed these concepts. The ambient part in the end serves as a breather to calm down from the rather energetic Remnants Of An Old Life and the first part of this song.
I also knew from the start that this song would precede Sunset In Our Eyes, which I also knew fell into the category "tension". So there was even one more reason to add a little room for relaxation.

Signs Of A New Life Melody Bridge